Bendgate 2.0: Samsung’s $2,000 foldable phone is already breaking

How early an early adopter are you willing to be? :sweat_smile:

Always wait for at least v2 :slight_smile:

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Truth. But what does that say about Samsung’s UX and QA processes? Multiple reviewers having dead devices within a day or two? Surely their internal testing must’ve picked up durability issues as significant as that. A familiar-looking key component that demands a different user behaviour (the screen protector)? If tech-savvy reviewers treated it the wrong way, then surely regular consumers won’t know any better.

Does being first to market present an advantage when the coverage is so negative?

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Three words: galaxy note seven


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Looks like they’ve abandoned the scheduled launch date after all…

“Why this was only discovered now, and not during testing, is pretty strange.” Dat mi ah seh, Ars. Dat mi ah seh.

Apparently it was in development for 8 years!

And with a $100 million development budget… :exploding_head: Samsung are claiming their display tech was stolen and so they probably rushed it in order to claim the “first” title, but looks like that plan might’ve backfired just a tad.

From what I understand, it breaks when the users peeled off what looked like a screen-protector. Sometimes you need someone who is outside of your little bubble to test things to pick up on things that aren’t so obvious to us as the creator!

That was the case for some reviewers, but not all. Definitely poor planning, but the reliability problems went beyond that