Dimebox Billing & Settlement Engine: Automating the Process from Payment To Remittance

Originally published at: https://froware.com/2018/05/29/dimebox-billing-settlement-engine-automating-the-process-from-payment-to-remittance/

Whenever we talk about Payments, we often think off what I perceive as the “Front-End” part of Payments. The Gateway, which is the way the way that merchants integrate and are able to accept payments or the User Interface where we are able to see which transactions have been processed and some analytics. But on the “Back-End”, the part that merchants never get to see, a PSP has to be able to perform several crucial components to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From the Integrations into Acquirers and Alternative Payment Methods, to Fraud Solutions, but maybe most importantly the Billing & Settlements.