Is anyone listening to you on Alexa?

Despite being a gadget nerd, I’m also very privacy-minded and so have held off participating in the whole “smart home” wave. Does the state of security and privacy across the IoT bother you, or is a non-issue?

Even as someone who’s an AWS architect, I don’t trust Alexa either. However if you really want to feel uneasy, check out their rekognition software and the police and security agencies that want to use it.

It is something that I’m mindful of… however as always its always about finding the balance between privacy and convenience. I haven’t jumped on the smart speaker thing… for me at the moment its a step too far… having a device that is ALWAYS listening. But then again, so is ‘Okay Google’ on my phone (I am aware that I can turn this off and revoke permissions - but again, it’s about the balance of convenience and privacy)