The Big Bang of Data

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As technology advances, the amount of data that is being created is growing at a rapid pace. Where throughout the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s most data that was being collected was structured and placed in databases, emerging technologies like the internet, mobile phones and smart devices, are generating more data than ever before. In 2013, IBM wrote that each day 2.5 quintillion bytes are created, and it is estimated that 40 Zettabytes of data will have been created by 2020. But just as the Volume of Data is rapidly increasing, so is the Variety of Data. Everything from emails, tweets, images, video and music, are now digital and being stored not just on local devices but more and more in the Cloud. Asking for new types of ways to store both structured and unstructured data, to be readily available across devices and around the world. But maybe the most interesting is the Velocity in which we now rely on the Data that is being generated. Where in the past businesses would be restricted to when the data is available, which could take hours or sometimes even days, nowadays real-time data is necessary in different industries, like for example Finance, Marketing and Technology.