What Productivity Tools do you use?

What tools do you currently use to help you be productive both in work and personal?

My most used include:

Microsoft To-Do (recently migrated from Wunderlist)
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Teams

I am not keen on Trello, but often use that when collaborating with others who initiate lol!

(I have just released how much I’m being sucked in to Microsoft’s offerings… )

What do you use Microsoft To-Do for vs Todoist?

My most commonly used apps are:

  • Apple Notes
  • Google Docs
  • Teams (don’t much like it, but that’s what’s used at work :roll_eyes:)
  • Google Hangouts
  • Fantastical
  • Trello
  • Todoist
  • Harvest

This always changes but:

  • Evernote - Always me to sync my notes from multiple device but add photos, OCR, and voice recordings

  • Google Docs - Keeping access to my documents is important, especially when I’m on the go

  • Trello - I used to have my own personal spreadsheet, but Trello has come into place as a trial - I set up my boards into 4 priorities - Important/Urgent, Not Important, Urgent, Important/Not Urgent and Not Important/Not Urgent

  • Flat Tomato/Focus Keeper - If you know about the Pomodoro then this app should be your friend, working in blocks can be more efficient and sometimes you need that reminder.

  • Real Rain - Sometimes when in a busy area I need a background noise that not too distraction

  • Onetab - I used to be the king of tabs, but now I can pin them away for later viewage

  • Feedly - Aggregates your favourite new sources and displays it in one interface.

  • Whiteboard - Yes an old school whiteboard helps - I carry around whiteboard pen and use the surface of my MacBook sometimes, but other time I have a whiteboard that can easily fit into my bag.
    Sometimes a scribble is all you need.

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Real interesting list. I use Feedly on a daily basis synced via the Newsify app, as I prefer their UI.

Onetab sounds very useful, am going to Google that one as the number of tabs I maintain across multiple browsers/devices is quite frankly ridiculous :sweat_smile:

I used to be an Evernote junkie, but with the feature bloat and pricing changes, I moved to OneNote and eventually realised that the upgraded Apple Notes were actually good enough for 90%+ of my note-taking use cases.

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I should have said that I am a heavy Google Docs user as well.

@antrich9 I started looking at Whiteboard… but found really that OneNote provides that function for me. Will be checking out Onetab.

I do use Feedly every now and then… But tend to use Flipboard to follow topics I am interested in. Prefer the interface.

@Genyus to answer your question… To-Do is my dumping ground. Also for easy lists like holiday planning, groceries, or to quickly put things down that i’d otherwise forget. Todoist is too cumbersome for this level of simplicity. Todoist is used for more involved work that needs a next level of granularity. I use it almost as a project management tool. So… I might put into To-Do “Create website for X”. Then in Todoist that will be broken down into 20 or 30 tasks/subtasks, each with their own notes etc.

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Gotcha. I use a similar approach using Apple Reminders for simple errands and Todoist for more detailed tasks

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@antrich9 I only just clocked that you sometimes use your MacBook as a whiteboard!? :flushed: Is that covered by AppleCare? :sweat_smile:

My most commonly used:

  • Apple notes
  • OneNote (for work)
  • Synology DS Note (synced directly with my NAS for data I want complete control of).
  • Todoist
  • Feedly
  • Bear (I use this a lot for real note taking e.g. study notes, gotta love the dark mode!)
  • Google Calendar
  • Spark Email

I’ve tried a bunch of others but I keep coming back to these.

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I tried Spark and it’s pretty nice, but ended up going back to Airmail. What do you use the Synology Note app for?

I actually use airmail on my mac but spark on my ios devices. I use synology note app for things I’ve been meaning to switch to a password manager and account details at a glance.

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Doesn’t that email setup mean that your read emails don’t sync across your devices?

It does, however I’ve not found this to be an issue. Also it matters little due to my personal emails being in such a mess :sweat_smile:

We don’t need no stinkin’ inbox zero! :triumph:

Yup, inbox-zero is not something I subscribe to!

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I’m a big fan of spark… took them long enough but we can finally add colour to text now.

What made you turn away from Spark?

:joy: wet wipes do the trick!

You’re a braver man than me! :sweat_smile: I get imprints of the keyboard on my screen anyway, so I’d worry about applying any pressure to the lid…

I think one of my issues was how they handle multiple accounts and signatures; I found it easier to identify and switch accounts in Airmail. And there were just a few minor things where I couldn’t get it configured quite how I wanted. Airmail drowns you in customisation options, but once you have it fully set up, it’s great!