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New here? Say hello and let us know who you are! Share your professional expertise and experience, what your next steps are and a bit about your interests outside of tech.

I’ve worked as a developer, team lead, architect, project manager, consultant and co-founder at various points over the last 20 years. My technical strengths are primarily in back-end development and architecture, but my primary interest is in building and growing online and real-world communities.

Next steps for me are to help Froware grow into a sustainable venture and to bring some of my other social projects to life.

Outside of tech, my biggest passions are travelling, motorcycling, snowboarding and more recently, completing OCR events.


I am a Senior Developer, Tech Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker who is passionate about Diversity in Tech.

As a Senior Developer I specialise in Java and open source technologies, and have been working in the Technology industry for over 15 years. I have experience of developing a variety of bespoke Java web applications and API services for the Public Transport, Education and Employment Services industries, and has worked on some high profile projects such as Job Centre Plus Vacancy Kiosks, TfL TPOMA (Transport Police Online Mapping Application), and TfL Oystercard Mobile services. More recently I have transitioned to Mobile App Development where I work as part of a team that designs and develops Android and iOS mobile apps that help to deliver better services for the public. I am also exploring the benefits of cloud computing.

I am a WeAreTheCity TechWomen 50 Award winner, a Computing magazine Digital Tech Leaders Award Finalist, and was recognised as one of the Financial Times UK Top 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in Tech in 2018.

I am passionate about improving diversity in tech, and especially encouraging more women and BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) people into tech and retaining them, in an industry commonly viewed as very mature white male dominated.

I am a member of TfL Women Staff Network Group - Women in Tech committee and delivers inspirational talks, events and workshops to raise awareness of tech as a viable career. I am also the founder of an initiative called “Where’s the BAME in Tech?” (or @BAMEinTech for short), an initiative to highlight successful BAME professionals in tech corporate companies, and provide a safe space for open and honest discussions about BAME experiences in tech. I also provide mentoring and coaching for women wanting to change career and transition into tech roles, and speaks at tech related conferences.

My next steps are to grow the BAMEinTech community and design and deliver a training programme for members. I also want to focus on public speaking on technical subjects at large tech conferences.


I am an 3rd line Infrastructure & Support Engineer. This means that I have broad experience of various technologies, solutions and architectures (software, hardware, and networking) that enable other people to do their jobs effortlessly. I am an expert in setting up the tech side of things for new businesses, troubleshooting any technology-related issue that a business may encounter, and implementing business technology solutions to help business’s become efficient in their operations.

As an IT specialist, where a solution or problem may require in-depth knowledge, I liaise with 3rd party suppliers and vendors on behalf of the business to bridge the gap between business owners (who often don’t have IT acuity and/or understanding) and technology experts (who often do not speak in terms that business owners can understand).
I have contracted for various known brands, but specialise in the MSP (Managed Services) space where companies who do not have their own IT staff hire me (or the MSP company that I am working for) to be their outsourced IT department.

Outside of this I also create WordPress websites, dabble in (semi-)professional Videography (both filming and editing), and enjoy DJing :slight_smile:


This is great. I’d like to connect with you. I’m currently building my e-commerce website for black hair care by British natural hair brands.